Get Clean Windows

My windows are LITERALLY making me want to vomit.

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Think 'Clean Windows'. Then think 'Random Video Blog.'

Yeah, okay. I'll bite.

A rad video will go here one day

Let’s go.

Flat-rate pricing.

Because I don’t want to drive all over Denver bidding jobs like an idiot.

Flat Rate Pricing

Also a blog, for some reason.

See, mom? I’m totally using my marketing degree.


Window washing made simple. And kinda dumb, to be perfectly honest.

Have you ever seen a professional window washer roll around on the floor with your dog?

You will.

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Is this real?

Yep. I literally have a window washing company, which you can use to get actual window cleaning done in Denver, Colorado. I also like making dumb videos. And writing. Sometimes I’ll post about window cleaning, sometimes I’ll post about making videos, or building stuff, or movie props, or burritos I’m currently loving. My name is Denny. I am so, so sorry.